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America’s Got Ankle Swagger. Do You? (Take III)

  Alaska.  Puerto Rico.  We hope you enjoy your Ankle Swagger this holiday season!  We cannot be more excited to see Ankle Swagger spreading across America.  Thank you to all … Continue reading

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New York Times + Ankle Swagger!!

Hey everyone, it’s been quite a year! What a better way to end 2013 than to have our company be acknowledged by The New York Times. We could not be … Continue reading

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Jackson Smith has Ankle Swagger

The Socks:  The newest addition to our dress sock subscription are these loud, orange and blue, checkered dress socks by Unsimply Stitched out of Los Angeles, CA.  These colors are … Continue reading

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Kyle Schoenberger has Ankle Swagger

The Socks:  Check out these hint of gold plus blue stripe dress socks by Unsimply Stitched of Los Angeles, CA.  They compliment dark brown dress shoes very well!  Do you … Continue reading

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Amin Namakian has Ankle Swagger

The Socks:  These are by far one of our favorite designs to have included in our quarterly dress sock subscription yet!  Check out these deep purple socks with sky blue … Continue reading

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Jesse Schwartz has Ankle Swagger

The Socks:  Check out the newest design to hit Ankle Swagger’s shelves.  These multi-color polka dot dress socks by PACT of Berkeley, CA are sure to spice up our future … Continue reading

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Style Upgrade with Leonel Rojas

This is going to get really awkward for your dress socks.  Your style is getting upgraded, again.  Don’t worry though, you are ready.  You’ve come out of the stone age … Continue reading

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